Quiet as a Stone - Update 0.6.0 (Create Mode)

A Quiet as a Stone update!  😲

If you aren't using the https://itch.io/app  already I highly recommend it for fast & easy updating.

  • Create Toggle.  For freer and easier creation there is now an optional 'create' toggle on the side of the screen.  Click this and you can place from any subset of items.  Select using the on screen buttons or 1 & 2 on the keyboard.  Place the item using the middle mouse button or the 3 key.
  • The campfire no longer makes a sound whenever it generates a new memory.
  • The version of Unity has been updated to 2018.4 LTS. Hopefully this should result in some optimisations too.


quietasastone-osx.zip 617 MB
Version v0.6.0 May 14, 2019
quietasastone-win64.zip 608 MB
Version v0.6.0 May 14, 2019

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