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~ Countryside exploration and creation ~

Discover and Create

  • A casual creators minimalistic slow game.
  • Unique locations featuring bespoke and generative art.
  • Satisfying interactions. Mine crystals, smash things and place items
  • Create your own unique environmental vignette with discovered items.
  • Discover and toy with rare magic stones.
  • Day to night cycle with evolving weather.
  • Evocative campfires..
  • Photography mode. 
  • Relaxing ambient audioscape and music.
  • Throw Rocks Plant Trees.
  • Steam key available with donation.

Remake the World

Starting from your home backyard venture out from site to site collecting precious gems, discovering rare artefacts, stones & books of an imagined world.  Use the items you find to create a miniature scene of your own. The rocks and earth are your canvas.  Make a photographic record with your film camera and move onwards.

All that is good must pass away

Embrace impermanence. Do good with what limited resources are available to you. Pause to look around at a scene you find, play around briefly and let the ambience play in the background, or stay a while and indulge in crafting a miniature world


“The work you’re celebrating and documenting here feels as much yours as the creators, and these shots of vanished worlds acquire a poignance no save file would match.”
Kotaku UK

“Games like Quiet as a Stone remind me of how beautiful and genuinely cool is it to be so engrossed with an artificial space. I’ve gone from level to level until I’ve found the perfect arrangement of ruins, zooming in close to admire them before framing them with my camera with the perfect combination of distance, light, and color. It helped me to see the beauty in small things: the errant blade of grass that slid into view, a serendipitously-shaped rock heap, the flickering heat of a fire slithering through mist. And it was all right at my fingertips.”
Kotaku US

“Sometimes I plant gardens, build ruins, and erect mysterious circles of monoliths. Sometimes I look around the different landscapes, watching day and night and rain and shine come and go. Sometimes I just click on stuff to cut grass and smash gems because clicking is fun.”
Rock Paper Shotgun


Recommended Spec

PC : Gaming PC or laptop.  CPU: i5 or better. RAM: 8GB or better. Storage: 1.3 GB available space. GPU: Nvidia 970 (or AMD equivalent / better). 

Mac : Apple Silicon Mac or a recent Intel Mac with discrete Nvidia or AMD GPU. Storage: 1.3 GB available space.



Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Version v0.7.1
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Version v0.7.1

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