Quiet as a Stone - Update 0.2.5

Quiet as a Stone v0.2.5  /gasp

  • Photography Camera Movement : The photographic camera mode now uses an FPS style free floating control scheme.  Use WASD and the RMB (by default) to fly around the scene and position the photo camera where you want it.  The camera will remain where you leave it, which is handy when moving repeatedly back and forth between the creative mode and photography mode.
  • Photography Camera Focus : When in photographic camera mode the current focal point is set at whatever object is under the mouse cursor.
  • Object Scale Limits : The objects that can be scaled now have a limit on how large or small they can go.
  • Object Destruction : Some objects can be destroyed by holding them and pressing the delete or X keys.
  • The Beginning : The home scene that always loads first has been changed to a new scene type called 'The Beginning'. It is a random scene but it currently contains tutorial books by default and some extra crystal shards.
  • Some UI tweaks and changes.
  • Numerous bug fixes & refinements.


quietasastone-win64.zip 22 bytes
Version 0.2.5 Jan 18, 2018
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Version 0.2.5 Jan 18, 2018

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