Quiet as a Stone - Update 0.5.0 (Steam Build, Optimisation, Campfires, History, Fixes)

A shiny new version of Quiet as a Stone!

If you aren't using the https://itch.io/app  already I highly recommend it for fast & easy updating :)

  • This is the version that is also launching on Steam.  https://store.steampowered.com/app/872060/Quiet_as_a_Stone/?curator_clanid=33038... If you have purchased the game on itch.io then you will be able to claim a Steam key!
  • Campfires. Many scenes feature a campfire. As well as providing a welcome sense of warmth and satisfying crackles and pops they also have a tendency to reveal thoughts and memories of a long forgotten history.
  • Optimisation.  High quality mode now renders much faster than before.
  • Option for x2 SSAA on options screen. For beautiful anti-aliasing and fine rendering of details like grass. High end machine required.
  • Updated to the latest version of Unity for numerous fixes and optimisations.
  • Camera drag sensitivity is now a slider on the options screen. Used when you click on the floor to move the camera's central position around.
  • Push 'U' key to toggle depth of field rendering  when outside of camera mode.
  • Utilises the Metal rendering API on Mac OS.
  • Numerous small bug fixes. 
  • Some filters were not saving camera mode photos correctly.  Now fixed.


quietasastone-win64.zip 22 bytes
Version v0.5.0 Nov 19, 2018
quietasastone-osx.zip 22 bytes
Version v0.5.0 Nov 19, 2018

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0.5.1 Update :

- Some photos were coming out black. This seemed to be related to running at high resolutions and on high quality, on certain preset filters. This shouldn't happen anymore, fingers crossed.

- Photo camera depth of field settings fixed.

- Balanced some audio.