Quiet as a Stone - Update 0.3.0 (Content, features & bugfixes)

Hello there.

An update for Quiet as a Stone is here!  Some new content, new features and bug fixes.

If you aren't using the https://itch.io/app  already I highly recommend it for fast & easy updating :)

  • 5 new filters for the photo camera : Desaturated, Misty, Mono Fog, Mono High Contract & Saturated Bloom.
  • New stone : Torch Stone : Leaves embers in the air and places burning torches.
  • Resolution, windowed mode and v-sync mode are now set using the in-game settings menu.
  • The locations of books are highlighted with a column of light.
  • Improved readability of in-game floating text.
  • Additional photographic camera mode controls : Use Q & E to move the photo camera position up and down.  Note : If you have already installed the game you may need to go to settings and reset controls to defaults for these to be enabled.
  • Object highlighting improvements.
  • Numerous small control, UI, audio and visual bugs fixed.


quietasastone-osx.zip 22 bytes
Version 0.3.0 Mar 09, 2018
quietasastone-win64.zip 22 bytes
Version 0.3.0 Mar 10, 2018

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