Quiet as a Stone - Version 0.7

Hello friend. It has been a while hasn't it? Here is an update for Quiet as a Stone. I have fixed some bugs and things, I have even added some new content and features! It’s not as much as I wanted to do and not as much as you all deserve but we make do with what time we have available to us don’t we? Now lets see…

* Project updated to the latest version of Unity. Was a bit of a trial but this should bring with it some general performance improvements and so on!

* Improved MacOS support.

* Native Apple Silicon Support.

* Photography Mode : The camera now has exposure controls. You can shift the current exposure up or down in 1/3rd stop increments. The default keys for this are ‘9’ & ‘0’.

* Photography Mode : The current position of the photo camera is now represented in-game using a nice model. Handy if you want to put objects in its view. You can toggle it on or off using the ‘-‘ key by default.

* The exposure controls also work when using the creative mode orbital camera. Should be useful if you find scene too dark.

* The spawn chance of some stones has been increased.

* Object Scaling : The maximum possible size of an object has been increased. The scaling audio FX are now quieter.

* Scattered or thrown items using physics will no longer fall off the edge of the world.
* Create Mode : The create menu now has extra objects. Environmental rocks, cozy looking buildings and lamps.

* The Player’s Guide has been updated. http://quietasastone.com/quietasastone_guide.html

* Various bug fixes and stuff.

- Update! Quiet as a Stone - Version 0.7.1 pushed. This should fix an issue with the text on the Apple Silicon build, plus a few other minor fixes and tweaks to the UI.

If you find Quiet as a Stone worthy please let people know in the reviews. It really helps. Please spread the word. :)

Hoping you find this all pleasant and agreeable,



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Version v0.7.0 Sep 12, 2021
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Version v0.7.0 Sep 12, 2021

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